Fairhouse Primary School

Being the best we can be

Gold Merit Badges

At Fairhouse, we work hard to provide the best possible opportunities for your children and to prepare them for the future. As such, our code of conduct is built around skills they will need as they progress through school and into the work place. We know that our children work hard and behave well and as such deserve to be rewarded for this.

Our school 'Code of Conduct' encourages children to develop a positive attitude to school and education and to manage their own behaviour.  All children have the chance to collect points towards achieving a merit badge.

Through consultation with parents, we have reviewed our system to ensure it is fairer and achievable for all pupils. Children will now have an opportunity to earn 10 merit points a week, based on the same principles as before but broken down into manageable steps to enable them to continuously work towards their badge. Once a child has earned 60 points, they will receive a gold merit badge and may then start collecting towards the next badge. It may take some children slightly longer to earn 60 points, but once they have earned their badge, they can start collecting for their next badge.

The points are broken down as follows:

  • -  Attendance (in school every day for that week)
  • -  Punctuality (in school by 8.50 am that week)
  • -  Uniform (including PE kit)
  • -  Playground behaviour
  • -  Attitude to learning/classroom behaviour
  • -  Maths homework (set by the class teacher)
  • -  Spelling(set by the class teacher)
  • -  Reading (at least 3 x Weekly)
  • -  Bonus points for achieving all aspects within a week

In selecting children to represent the school in sporting and other events and to take on responsibilities such as house captains and school councillors, we expect them to achieve all of the weekly points the majority of the time. We are aware that children are occasionally absent due to sickness or they may, for example, forget their homework or PE kit one week. Please be assured that this will not affect their eligibility - we simply expect children to follow all aspects of our code of conduct the majority of the time.