Fairhouse Primary School

Respect and Success for All


The curriculum at Fairhouse Primary School follows the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum is a set of subjects and standards used by primary and secondary schools so children learn the same things. It covers what subjects are taught and the standards children should reach in each subject.


Attainment is the standard / grade a child has achieved. At Fairhouse, children’s learning is graded as follows, relating to year group expectations:

E     Emerging within the year group expectations.

E+   Emerging plus within the year group expectations.

S     Secure within the year group expectations.

S+   Secure plus within the year group expectations.

A     Advanced within the year group expectations.

A+   Advanced plus within the year group expectations.

Attainment expectations at Fairhouse

Foundation stage
 Year 1
 Year 2
 Year 3
 Year 4
 Year 5
 Year 6
Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term
Early learning goals

Children who are not achieving age / year group expectations receive additional support and targeted intervention to enable them to work towards the standard. It is vital that children read at home, practise their spelling and complete homework tasks set in order to consolidate learning.


Progress is a measure of how many steps a child has made over the year / throughout the key-stage. Children are expected to move 6 steps within a year. Children may have made good progress, however, may not be working at the expected year group standards as progress is measured from entry into key stages 1 and 2. We work hard to fill any gaps in learning and accelerate progress towards the new higher National Curriculum expectations.

For further information about assessment at Fairhouse, you can view or download our Assessment Policy