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Our school uniform consists of:

Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore.

· White polo shirt

· Bottle green jumper or cardigan.

- Grey tights.

· Black, grey or white ankle socks.

· Black school shoes or ALL black trainers (including black soles—no big logos or brand names).

  • Pupils in year 6 are required to wear a shirt and tie (tie provided by the school)

In the summer:

- Grey shorts or green and white checked summer dress

Please note that Leggings are NOT part of school uniform.



plain black PE shorts

Plain white t-shirt

Black plimsolls or black trainers


Black jogging bottoms

In accordance with Essex Local Authority, children are not allowed to wear ear studs for PE.


Children should wear plain black practical shoes. All black trainers can be worn, but must have no coloured patterns or markings. No sandals, high heels or boots.


Children may wear a watch to school but it is their responsibility to look after it. It is not appropriate for children to wear jewellery to school. Ear studs are allowed but must be removed for PE. Staff can not remove earrings for the children, so please ensure your child is able to remove their own earrings.

Smartwatches with cellular connectivity, internet connection, with apps for gaming or with a camera are not permitted to be worn in school. 

Make Up

No make up, nail varnish, acrylic nails or fake tan can be worn to school.


We expect that children have sensible, smart hairstyles suitable for the school environment. Girls may wear a small, discreet green or black hair band. Hair should be one natural colour only (not coloured). No shaved lines, patterns or extreme hairstyles. 

(If you need further clarification about acceptable hairstyles please discuss this with a member of pupil services.)

*FJS uniform is available at the National Schoolwear Centre in Timberlog Lane, Basildon.

*Uniform is also available at For anything purchased, the school will recieve a 5% donation.

Our uniform policy can be viewed by clicking here

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