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School Lunch

All of our Reception and our Key Stage 1 pupils (Year 1 and Year 2) are entitled to Free School Meals. Children in Key stage two who are in receipt of free school meals will also receive their meal for free. IF your child is in key stage 2 and you wish to purchase a meal, these are at the cost of £2.30 per child per day and this is payable through ParentPay. Each day there are 4 lunch choices available:

Red This is a meat choice such as sausage or fish fingers

Green This is a vegetarian option such as vegetable nuggets

Yellow This is a jacket potato or pasta option

Blue This is a packed lunch option such as ham roll or egg sandwich

Every week we publish the next week’s dinner menu on the school’s newsletter. Please discuss the choices with your child each day so that they know what they would like and so we can record these easily each morning.

If children do NOT choose to take advantage of our school meal, you can provide them with a packed lunch. Please make sure that these do NOT contain fizzy drinks and that every item is labelled to avoid confusion over ownership or loss of containers etc.

KS2 Break Time Snacks

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