Fairhouse Primary School

Respect and Success for All

About our school

Our aims, values and ethos

Together we seek to develop children who are:

  • co-operative and sensitive;
  • confident, motivated and good communicators;
  • independent and self-disciplined; and
  • able to apply a wide range of skills and knowledge.


We aim to achieve this through:

  • the use of positive role models;
  • our organisation and enriching environment;
  • the curriculum we plan for the children;
  • increasing community and cultural awareness;
  • encouraging respect for all; and
  • the involvement of families in their children's education and life at the school.

    Welcome to Fairhouse Primary School

    We are a good school, serving a community in the heart of Basildon.  Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff are committed to providing a stimulating and interesting curriculum for all pupils.  Achieving the basics in Mathematics and English is especially important to enable pupils to be successful in the future.

    We are proud of the responsibilities our children undertake as they move through the school.  Respect for others is an important value at Fairhouse, and so is celebrating children's successes.  As Headteacher at Fairhouse, I am immensely proud of all of our achievements.

    The infant and junior schools merged to form a primary school in September 2016.  This will enable our pupils to have a greater chance of success as it provides continuity in learning and behaviour.  

    Mrs J. McCutcheon

    Headteacher Fairhouse Primary School