Fairhouse Primary School

Respect and Success for All


As all children are expected to complete weekly homework, we offer an after school homework club on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in KS2. A place at homework club needs to be booked in advance.   In KS1, we offer a homework club on a Wednesday after school.  In addition to this, children in KS2 have the opportunity to complete homework on a morning during study club.  KS1 children may request a place in early morning study club. 

Homework is set on a Friday and consists of:
- IXL Maths 
- IXL Grammar and Punctuation
- Reading
- Spellings

Homework differs depending on the year group.

Every child is expected to read five times a week and complete the following:

Reception  - at least one maths activity uploaded to Tapestry & phonic sounds (to be sent home soon).

Year 1         - 10 mins IXL maths & 10 mins IXL grammar.

Year 2        - 20 mins IXL maths & 20 mins IXL grammar.

Years 3/4   - 30 mins IXL maths & 30 mins IXL grammar.

Years 5/6   - 60 mins IXL maths & 60 mins IXL grammar.

As part of achieving a Gold merit badge, your child needs to complete weekly homework

School code: js6m