Fairhouse Primary School

Respect and Success for All


Our staff are highly skilled, dedicated and committed to raising standards and pupils' achievements.

Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Acting Head of School

Inclusion Manager

Assistant Heads

Mrs J McCutcheon

Mrs M Elfenich

Mrs N Bailey

Miss N Byford

Miss B Langley


Middle Leadership Team

Lead Practitioner


Standards Leaders


Curriculum Leaders


Behaviour Support Manager

School Mentor

Attendance Manager and Sports Coach

Mrs D Bourne

Mrs C Wright

Miss C Ward

Miss K Pashley

Mr P Alcock

Miss J Burns

Mrs C Harper

Mrs Y Allen

Mrs A Blackwell

Mr J Urch


Teaching Team 


Miss L Street

Mr A Phillips

Miss C Davies

Mrs Pincott-Williams

Mrs K Bradding

Miss S Fuller

Miss A Flack

Miss J Russell


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Phillips

Mrs S Bay

Mrs M Harris

Mrs L Burton

Mrs S King

Ms A Baldock

Mrs L Courtnell

Mrs H Kreyling


Teaching Assistants

Miss C Morgans

Mr A Flynn

Ms S Payne

Mrs N Bradford

Mrs K Hayward

Mrs A Ivory

Mrs K Styles

Mrs S Scott

Mrs S Wilton

Miss H Farrows

Miss S Eacott

Ms L Bingham

Mrs L Garrett

Mrs M Otter

Mrs C Hare

Mrs A Martin

Miss L Clements


Sports Teaching Assistants

Mr  S Haley

Miss L Jamieson


Inclusion Team

Inclusion Support

Mrs L Flemming


Office Team

Business Manager

Finance Office

Mrs Z Holman 

Mrs A Kirkham

Administration Officers

Mrs J Martin

Miss E Clapison


Site Team

Site Manager

Assistant Caretaker

Cleaning Staff

Mr P Reed

Mr J Martin

L & L Cleaning


Lunchtime Team

Midday Assistants

Mrs J Drew

Mrs C Zammit

Mrs M Carlyon

Mrs S Hutton

Mrs F Ibrahim


Kitchen Staff

ABM Catering