Fairhouse Primary School

Respect and Success for All

Our Curriculum

At Fairhouse Primary School we have a broad and balanced curriculum which has been designed to meet the needs of the children in our school Our curriculum covers all areas of the National Curriculum and ensures that there is progression in skills and themes across the school. 

We use a range of teaching styles, resources and stimuli to teach the curriculum and children take part in enriching and stimulating trips and events. We expect a high standard and quality of work produced particularly in relation to written and spoken English and presentation.

We use a bespoke English curriculum which aims to develop the skills of spoken language, reading and writing in accordance with the National Curriculum. The children write for a range of purposes and apply their grammatical, handwriting and spelling skills within this.  

Early reading is taught using Read Write Inc, which teaches the children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. Children learn to form each letter, spell correctly and compose their ideas step-by-step.  Reading lessons give children access to a wide range of text types and children are taught key skills of retrieval, deduction, summarising, prediction and inferring. Children bring home reading books daily and are encouraged to visit our school library to take home books to share with their families. 

Handwriting and spelling
All adults have high expectations of our pupils' spelling and presentation. Letter formation is taught in reception through Read Write Inc. and then children are taught to use cursive handwriting through the Letter Join scheme from year 2 onwards. Children write in pencil until they have earned their Pen Licence. To do this, writing should be consistently neat and joined, using a practical and fluid handwriting style. Spelling is taught using the Read Write Inc. spelling scheme and children bring home spellings weekly to learn.

We follow the White Rose curriculum for mathematics. Our daily maths lessons aim to ensure that all children gain a deep understanding, confidence and competence in mathematics and give them access to different levels of challenge and depth of application. Alongside daily mathematics lessons, the children also have 15 minute sessions each day to learn, practise and apply arithmetic skills in 'Maths Workout' lessons. 

Cornerstones Curriculum
This is an exciting and engaging topic-based curriculum which has creativity and pupil engagement at the centre. Each unit lasts for a half term and across the course of time all aspects of the National Curriculum are covered. 

Alongside daily topic lessons, the children will spend one day each half term being creative. These 'Creative Days' will form part of their topic and may include singing, dancing, art or DT.

Topic curriculum by year group