Fairhouse Primary School

Respect and Success for All


At Fairhouse Primary School, all children belong to a house.  Children work hard to gain points for their house: in class, in lessons and around the school. At the end of each term, the house with the most points will receive a house reward.  Past house rewards have included: a movie afternoon; a circus skills training tutorial; a crime scene investigation treasure hunt; and a base camp challenge.   At the start of the year, house captains are elected from year 6.  House captains are responsible for collecting and collating weekly house points and representing their houses at whole school events. Also, year 6 sports captains are elected from each house to assist with sporting events such as Sports Day and House Challenges. 

Our houses are based on the Roman Gods and Goddesses of: Earth, Wind, Sea and Fire. 

Roman God of Fire


Roman Goddess of the Earth

Roman gods of the Winds


Roman God of the Sea