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Our houses are based on our core values. The idea is to promote these core values at all times and reward how the chidlren demonstrate them.

At Fairhouse Primary School, all children belong to a house, which they are placed in when they join in Reception and stay in until they leave in year 6.

Children work hard to gain points for their house: in class, in lessons and around the school.

The children are awarded points when they show one of these core values, which is then added to the team’s score.

The children aim to promote their house core value to enable the school to be a successful and rewarding environment.

We celebrate the core values and teams in many ways throughout the school.

Children often represent their house within competitions and sporting events.

In Year 6, children are given the opportunity to be voted in as house captains, where they represent their house and support the development of their core value across the school

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