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Roles and Responsibilities

Pupils have the chance to take on different roles throughout there time at Fairhouse Primary School. They need to demonstrate that they are responsible, and will carry out their duties reliably.

Play Leader

Play Leaders oversee a varied programme of games and activities. They model appropriate play within peer groups and promote positive interaction for all. At the end of year 5, children can apply to become Play Leader in year 6.

Peer Mediator

The role of the Peer Mediator is to help others deal with conflicts and playground disputes through a structured process. They work towards resolving conflicts between other pupils sensitively and reporting back to appropriate adults. Children must also apply for this role at the end of year 5.


In the summer term, Year 5 pupils are assigned a buddy from year 2. They help facilitate the smooth transition between the infant and junior schools. The Year 5 children meet up with the Year 2 children on a number of occasions before they join our school. On the first day of term, they greet them in the playground and ensure they are available for them throughout the new term.


Children in year 6 carry out a range of monitor duties:

- delivering the registers at the start of the day and after lunch;

- setting up the hall for assembly;

- selling tuck at play times; and

- providing tours of the school for visitors.

House Captain

At the start of the year, year 6 House Captains are elected. House captains are responsible for collecting and collating weekly house points and representing their houses at whole school events.

Sports Captain

Year 6 Sports Captains are elected at the start of the year. They assist sporting events such as Sports Day and House Challenges.

School Councillor

We have an active and successful school council. Each class elects two children to be on the school council. The school council then elects a chair, vice chair and secretary.

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