Fairhouse Primary School

Being the best we can be

School Council

We have an active and successful school council.  Each class elects two children to be on the school council.  The school council then elects a chair, vice chair and secretary.  

Classes have regular discussions to raise any issues or requests to their councillors.  Full council meetings, which take place on a regular basis, provide an opportunity for councillors to represent their class' views, opinions and ideas.

All the children have a very real and active role in ensuring that they have a say in what is going on in our school.  Councillors are responsible for working towards initiating changes and evaluating their work.

The school council are involved in many major school projects:

-Marking Policy
-Code of Conduct
-Uniform Policy
-School lunches
-Playground equipment
-Developing the school garden

Each half term, members meet with the Governing Body to present their work.

The school council also get involved in organising and running fundraising events for local, national and global charities.  At Fairhouse, we have supported the following charities: